Santiago, Chile is the Business Center of the affiliate company Fanaloza that has been launched with products of an unsurpassed combination of price and quality.

Fanaloza has its origins in the first ceramic and porcelain company in the southern city of Penco, in operations from the end of the 19th century as "Fábrica Nacional de Loza de Penco (Lozapenco)".With a hundred year history, the company is a leader at the local level and its main principles are innovation and quality standards. Today, the operation of both plants in Santiago and Penco strives to achieve the highest standards of quality and efficiency in their operations. Each piece is made under these standards, becoming deserving of the ASEXMA prize for the manufacturing and exporting excellence.

During 2004, Fanaloza S.A. reached a record production of more than 2,140,000 pieces. This was added to strong projections of growth in its future export consignments, which has provided impetus for an investment of nearly US$ 20.0 million to double the present capacity of the Penco Plant in excess of 1,000,000 million additional pieces in 2006.

In 2002, Fanaloza, a leader in the local market with 70% market share, initiated a strategic marketing plan of becoming a powerful brand name. The first stage was to get dynamic retail sales with a significant reintroduction and strong brand positioning.

The second stage was to grant a differentiated service to the building, architecture and interior design area. In 2004 Fanaloza launched the "Bath Center", a Business Center and a consulting office located in an upscale shopping area, consolidating the brands at national level. Since the trade name Fanaloza is a leader in national midrange segments, Briggs USA brand name was launched in the middle of 2002, and acquired as a premium brand the first position in the higher price market segment.


Porcelanas Florencia, an affiliate company of CISA, is the only manufacturer of fine porcelain dinnerware in Chile.

Thirty-five years ago, German industrialists and craftsmen invested in this country, got quality and excellence in the porcelain manufacturing and started up a continuous presence in the market.

Florencia has been distinguished as a prestigious and traditional brand at the local and international level.

It supplies to airlines, the army, and all institutional markets. Moreover, its main customers are hotel chains, restaurants and stores.

Today, the company exports to Argentina, Ecuador, Perú, México and the United States.


Industria de Aisladores Casa Blanca S.A. (ICB) started up in 1987 as an affiliate company of Fanaloza, specializing in the manufacturing of porcelain insulators.

One of its essential considerations is the quality of raw materials,mainly clay, feldspar, kaolin and quartz that guarantee a quality product.

ICB has a strong exporting orientation, and its main customers are the United States, Mexico and Canada. Additionally, it also operates in many numbers of countries in South America.


Elaplas is a key strategic partner of Fanaloza. It is a company that manufactures sells and exports fittings, and toilet seats.

Elaplas business consists of manufacturing sanitary ware complements, whose product catalog covers a varied line of toilet seats, bathtubs, whirlpools, faucets, accessories, fittings, and a complete plumbing line.

During year 2004, Elaplas developed and manufactured the majority of products that compose the new seat line, launched under Briggs USA brand name.
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